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For Corporate Customers

Our Switch Kit will provide all of the forms you need to make the switch to Sandhills Bank.

Simply click the link below, and with your authorization and signature, we'll contact the companies and institutions to notify them of your new Sandhills account!

Call "Sandy" the voice of Telephone Banking toll-free @ 1.866.SANDY.24
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Sandhills Bank is a state-chartered, community bank. We have always felt that we were: "Large enough to serve you, Small enough to know you." SM In fact, that's our slogan.

We have been serving our clients since 1959 and through the power of the Internet we now have the ability to bring that service to you in yet another way. We have not lost our perspective as we embrace new technology and continue to seek the best ways to serve our customers.  

**ALERT**  Possible telephone PHISHING attack...


ALERT: Possible telephone PHISHING attack

We have been notified of a possible telephone PHISHING attack that may affect people living in South Carolina. Recent notifications have claimed when this call is answered, an automated voice states that "There is a problem with your MasterCard, press 1 for more information."

Sandhills Bank will NEVER ask our customers to enter account numbers, debit card numbers or PIN numbers via the telephone. This personal account information should never be provided to an unknown caller or automated system.

If you receive this type of call, you should hang up immediately and never provide any requested information.

** Sandhills Bank is NOW OPEN in Myrtle Beach !! **

Now Open in Myrtle Beach!
1294 Professional Drive
Suite B
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

 Sandhills Bank's CD and IRA Specials

Sandhills Bank is always making efforts to offer competitive rates for Certificate of Deposit (CD) and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) customers. Please contact us at 843-280-2265 for current rate information.

Message Regarding SCDOR Security Breach

Sandhills Bank takes protecting our customers' personal information very seriously.  We have made significant investments in securing our customers' personal data.  Any bank customers that are South Carolina taxpayers should go to the South Carolina Department of Revenue website to learn more about the free credit protection being offered by the SCDOR by clicking here If you do not have internet access, you may contact SCDOR at 1-866-578-5422.


Buying a Home, Condo, or Investment Property?

Let us help you buy the home, condo, or other residential property you're considering. 

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