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Our Switch Kit will provide all of the forms you need to make the switch to Sandhills Bank.

Simply click the link below, and with your authorization and signature, we'll contact the companies and institutions to notify them of your new Sandhills account!

Call "Sandy" the voice of Telephone Banking toll-free @ 1.866.SANDY.24
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Quick Links : Calculators
Checkbook Balancer
The Checkbook Balancer allows you to easily balance your checkbook. You simply enter the ending statement balance from your Sandhills Bank monthly statement and your ending checkbook balance. Then you can add and delete outstanding checks, deposits and fees. The calculator automatically lets you know how much you are out of balance. When all outstanding items and corrections are entered, the Checkbook Balancer will inform you that you are in balance! You can even get a report for printing or review.

Mortgage Calculator
The Mortgage Calculator allows you to calculate mortgage payments for different scenarios. Want to know how much your payment will be if you put more money down? Pay bi-monthly? Get a lower interest rate? Simply enter the Mortgage Amount, Term, Interest Rate, Tax, Insurance and Frequency. The Mortgage Calculator will calculate the Payment, Total Payments and Total Interest and display a pie chart. It also allows you to display a report to the screen for printing or review! It even includes a full amortization schedule!

Savings Bond Calculator
The Savings Bond Calculator allows you to calculate the value of your bond(s). First enter the date for which you wish to calculate the value. Next, choose the Series, Denomination, enter the bond Serial number(s), and the Issue Date(s). The Bond Calculator will display the current valuation for each bond entered.
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