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Cash Management

Our online banking product is especially designed for businesses. It is secure, flexible and can be customized to each specific corporate customer, providing feature-rich, high-performance Internet corporate cash management in a single package. Through this product, corporate cash managers can make immediate and accurate decisions, based on real-time information. Real-time float analysis provides the cash manager with the information needed to assure the availability of funds.

Sophisticated and flexible funds management capabilities allow named client employees to make controlled disbursements, transfers and payments, including ACH and internal transfers, domestic and foreign wire transfers, and loan payments. 

Corporate clients enjoy greater functionality without jeopardizing security, and can establish controls at the client level. 

Administrative features offer flexible management of employee rights in multiple-user environments. New employees can be set up with access options, review requirements, time-of-day access, password control and more. 

For more information concerning Online Cash Management, call or visit our account representatives. We will gladly come to your location and help you get started.


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