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Debit Cards

Sandhills Bank offers the convenient use of a MasterCard® Business Debit Card for your business. It's faster than writing a check. Simply swipe the card at the checkout stand, and the money is debited from your checking account. 

Access Your Cash! 

You can use your Sandhills Bank Business Debit Card to access cash at ATMs worldwide. 

Safe and Secure! 

Using the card is easy and safe. You can make purchases or withdraw money using either your PIN (Personal Identification Number) or signing your name. If you lose your card, you can notify a 24-hour hotline to disable your card and avoid fraudulent charges. 

Shopping Online with MasterCard® SecureCode™ Debit 

Shopping online just got safer with MasterCard® SecureCode™! MasterCard® SecureCode™ provides Sandhills Bank Business Debit Card cardholders the opportunity to register their debit cards and select a unique PIN for Internet transactions. Various Internet merchants participate in MasterCard® SecureCode™. When a purchase is made via the Internet at any participating merchant, the debit card cardholder enters their MasterCard® SecureCode™ PIN to complete the transaction. This service provides additional transaction security for Sandhills Bank business customers and provides merchants with the assurance that his or her Internet transactions are legitimate.

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